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Yantra (Mandala)

Yantras are sacred geometric symbols that represent various aspects of the Universe and are used for meditation, healing, or informative knowledge. These archetypes are our teachers.  Yantras focus spiritual and mental energies to improve one's quality of life or to invoke a particular god/goddess.

A Yantra provides a focal point that is a window into the Absolute. Mental activity stops when the mind is concentrating on a single object and eventually the object is dropped when the mind can remain empty and silent without assistance. The medium is gouache on paper.

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Asteroids- are small rocky bodies, (mini-planets) situated in the belt between Mars and Jupiter’s orbit, Asteroid Belt. Astronomical theory assumes they are remnants of a former feminine planet that shattered into pieces.


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Ceres   Ceres- Goddess of Agriculture, Mother of Persephone, Capacity for Nurturing. Ceres shows where fertility and feminine, ‘earthy’ creative expression can be experienced. The archetypical Mother.

Chiron- The Wounded Healer, Capacity for Wholistic Understanding. Chiron is a planetoid, It is not situated in the asteroid belt, but traveling between the orbs of Saturn and Uranus (with an irregular orbit that averages 50 years) and was discovered in 1977. Chiron’s archetype is the “wounded healer” or “shamanic initiation”.


Juno- Goddess of Marriage. Daughter of Saturn and Wife to Jupiter. Who kept on bringing her unfaithful husband back from the escapades to matrimonial duties. Issues relate to honoring relationships, commitment.


Lilith-   First Wife of Adam, Capacity to constructively release repressed anger and resolve conflict. She claimed equality with him, and when he tried to dominate her, she left him and chose loneliness and exile rather than subjugation. Psychologically, Lilith brings up deep and primal issues like unbound sexual power, repressed feelings of rejection and rage, and yet refusal to submit.


Moon-  Moon represents the mother or female principle, the energy that creates and preserves. Vibrates to number two.


Pallas Athene- Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts and Justice, Daughter of Zeus, born from his forehead/ third eye. Usually depicted in armor and with an owl. Psychologically, relates to our ability to trust our intuition and inner wisdom, to stand up for our integrity instead of dwelling in the emotional (victim mode).


Pandora-  “She who sends up gifts”. First Mortal Woman, Created by Zeus. Provides capacity for curiosity, which initiates change.


Pluto- Pluto planet is known as the Transformer, to destroy the old and create new


Vesta- Goddess of the Heart and Hearth Fire. The brightest of the asteroid visible to the naked eye. She is the original vestal virgin, chosen to guard the hearth fire in the temple. She was devoted to keep the eternal flame alive. She symbolizes an inner sense of duty and devotion to a certain task, inwardly directed ability to focus.




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