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Yantra (Mandala)

Yantras are sacred geometric symbols that represent various aspects of the Universe and are used for meditation, healing, or informative knowledge. These archetypes are our teachers.  Yantras focus spiritual and mental energies to improve one's quality of life or to invoke a particular god/goddess.

A Yantra provides a focal point that is a window into the Absolute. Mental activity stops when the mind is concentrating on a single object and eventually the object is dropped when the mind can remain empty and silent without assistance. The medium is gouache on paper.

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Muses (Mousai)- are the goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets. They are also the goddesses of knowledge, who remembered all things that had come to pass. Later the Mousai are assigned specific artistic spheres: Calliope, epic poetry; Cleio, history; Urania, astronomy; Thaleia, comedy; Melpomene, tragedy; Polyhymnia, religious hymns; Erato, love poetry; Euterpe, lyric poetry; and Terpsichore, choral song and dance.


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Calliope the Muse of epic poetry and eloquence.

She is portrayed holding a tablet and stylus or a scroll. In older art she holds a lyre.


Euterpe- ‘Giver of Delight’, Muse of Music and lyric poetry


Erato- the Muse of love poetry and mimic imitation.

She is portrayed holding a lyre.


Melete- One of the three original Muses, the Titan goddesses of music.

Melete is the Muse of practice and meditation.


Melpomene- The Muse of tragic plays and singing.

She is usually represented with a tragic mask and wearing the cothurnus (the boots traditionally worn by tragic actors). Sometimes she holds a knife or a club in one hand, and the mask in the other.


Polhymnia-  ‘The one of many hymns’, Muse of Sacred Poetry , Hymn and Great Thinkers


Terpsichore-  the Muse of choral song and dancing.

She is portrayed with a plectrum and lyre.


Thalia- meaning ‘to bloom or flourishing’,  Muse of Comedy,  One of the  Three Graces.


Urania- the Muse of astronomy and astronomical writings.

She is portrayed with a globe and a rod.




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